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If you are interested in hosting a seminar featuring Kancho Raffi Liven in: Krav Maga(the most simple and effective form of self-defense for both men and women),Sho Shin Karate Do(a collaboration of the very best from each karate style), Pankration, wrestling, and grappling, Kyokushin Kai(knock down karate) contact us.

We can organize seminars to take place in our main dojo in Århus Denmark, or we can arrange for Kancho Liven to teach in your place.  We are available to teach civilians, companies, police and special forces, military personel, bodyguards, etc.  Also if you are interested in having Sho Shin Karate Do or Krav Maga Liven International integrated into your system contact us for details at:

The World Academy of Martial Arts

Yrsavej 36, stuen, 8230 Åbyhøj C


TLF: (+45) 41 43 33 60

Email: info@shoshindo.dk


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