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The following letters are written about Eyal Yanilov from some of the most well known and respected masters in Israel

The first letter was written by master Gadi Skornik of GadiKenpo Jitsu

Master Gadi Skornik


To Whom It may concern,


I am Gadi Skornik 10. Dan, founder and master of Kenpo Jitsu

(a derivative of the Krav Maga System, judo, and mixed fighting).  I am recognized by the Israeli Sports Federation, by the Israeli Army, the Vingettes, and all other sport organizations in Israel.  I am writing this letter to confirm the allegations made against Eyal Yanilov.  Eyal Yanilov is relatively unknown in Israel, and most of those who do know of him only know him in a negative way. 

Eyal made claims to having the exclusive right to teach Krav Maga from Master Imi Lichtenfeld, which is completely untrue.  Master Lichtenfeld never gave anyone exclusive rights to teach Krav Maga, or to use the name Krav Maga.  Imi Lichtenfeld didnít like Eyal Yanilovís behaviour or the fact that he pressed everyone around him. Eyal Yanilov misused Imi Lichtenfelds trust, good heart, and age, by deceiving him into signing documents of which he had no idea of the contents because Imi could no longer read it(first of all because of his age, second of all because Imi could not read Hebrew AT ALL)  Therefore, Imi signed anything that Eyal put in front of him because of his trust in everyone.  However, Master Lichtenfeld did give permission to Kancho Raffi Liven to teach the new developments of the Krav Maga system (Krav Maga LI) all over the world due to the great impression that Kancho Liven left on Master Lichtenfeld by showing him of his latest developments for the system. I met with Imi Lichtenfeld several times during the last years of his life along with Kancho Liven, and can personally say that it was obvious that Master Lichtenfeld looked up to Kancho Liven, and both respected and liked his way.

Eyal Yanilov is a disgrace when it comes to Martial Arts.  He is a very unethical man and very egotistical.  He goes around wanting everyone to believe that he is the only one teaching Krav Maga, and that he is the best; when there are hundreds teaching Krav Maga all over the world and in Israel.  Everyone is welcome to show their skill in this style, if you are good then you are welcome to show it.  A person who is truly good themselves will never be afraid to accept anyone else.

I myself can tell you all that Kancho Liven is good!(he is a REAL warrior, anyone is welcome to try him anytime.)  He is a true Master in every sense of the word.  He is not afraid of anyone, but at the same time has respect for everyone.  I wish not to discuss anyoneís professional skillís, if someone wishes to prove themselves, then they are welcome to step on the Tatami!

I wish you all the very best and advise you to beware of Eyal Yanilovís criticisms.

If you have any further questions, please email me at: Gadi_gr@netvision.net.il



Gadi Skornik


The second letter was written by Master Dennis Hannover of  Dennis Survival

Master Dennis Hannover

To Whom it May Concern,


I am Master Dennis Hannover 10 Dan., creator and master of Dennis Survival; which are the largest and best known survival centers in the World.  Over 200 of my students have gone on to become top instructors in the Israeli Army and Special Forces.


Regarding Eyal Yanilov, I have recently met this man twice, the most recent being 2 days ago.  I donít know so much about him other than the fact that he told me he received his grade from Imi Lichtenfeld after he wrote a book on Krav Maga.  I can say however, Imi Lichtenfeld NEVER gave anyone the exclusive right to teach Krav Maga or use the name Krav Maga.  After Imi Lichtenfeld died, everyone started developing their own variation of the system.  Today there are 8 variations that are accepted in Israel today.  So while Eyal is an instructor of Krav Maga, he is certainly not the only one.  I have known Kancho Raffi Liven for over 40 years (since he was 15 years old) he is one of the best fighters alive.  He has done more for the Krav Maga system than anyone else could ever dream of.  Kancho Liven has brought over 100 students to Israel to graduate them and show them the wonderful country over the years.  For more than 40 years, Kancho Liven has taught mixed fighting, karate, krav maga, and many other styles.   When Kancho Liven told me of this situation with Eyal Yanilov, I simply told Kancho Liven not to spend his energy on him.  Eyal Yanilov is nothing compared to Kancho Liven, Kancho Liven is much stronger and more famous.  Kancho Raffi Liven along with myself will forever be known as top masters in Israel, as we are recognized in the Israeli Martial Arts Hall of Fame


I wish you all the very best



Master Dennis Hannover



The following letters are concerning Eyal Yanilov.  The translations to these letters are available in English


Letter 1:

The translation of the letters from Hebrew to English from Eyal Yanilov from 1996. 

This letter shows why he should be ashamed of his Nazi mentality, favoring the New, tall, blond generation.  Why should he feel that he can call himself a leader?

Kancho Liven has books on Krav Maga and Self Defense which he made in 1970, much longer before Eyal Yanilov heard the name

 Krav Maga. Around the time that Eyal was being fed by his mother, Kancho Liven was super active.

The translation follows

Dear Mr. Liven,


I was happy to hear about your calling and speaking with one of my students, (Tony Chadad) who is in Stockholm.  I am at the moment in the middle of a seminar trip for students, instructors and police in Sweden, (until Tuesday) In the frame(purpose) of delivering the system and continuing the new generation ĖBLOND AND TALL. I understand that you have known Imi Lichtenfeld for many years and the head master of the Krav Maga in Israelís army from (bahad 8).  He told me that you met you some time ago and he knows you. Iíll be happy if we can meet sometimes, and also maybe to cooperate between us in the frame of the Federation.  Iím landing in Copenhagen for 2 hours around 13:30 on 10.09.96.  In Sweden you can reach me until Monday at telephone number::::::::: and in Israel you can reach me at telephone number::::::::::::I Bless you with a new year

Eyal Yanilov


Letter 2:

Kancho Liven received this letter from Eyal Yanilov on 22.09.96


Hello Raffi,

Im sorry I didnít have a chance to meet you in Denmark, I hope to see you during the holiday ďSukotĒ

With blessings of a Happy New Year

Eyal Yanilov

Letter 3:


Hello Eyal,

I received your letters and thank you. Saturday the 28th of September we can meet in Ramada Hotel in Tel Aviv, on the time 22:00.  I arrive tomorrow(Friday the 27th) and Im going to be very busy the rest of the days.  Im flying back to Denmark on the 1st of October, and thatís why Saturday at 22:00(maybe a little earlier)  You have to ask in the Hotel reception for Mr. John Johannsen, there Im going to be.  John Johannsen from Norway, is the President of Jujitsu organization in Scandinavia, he is also my partner with other things.  Besides that, he is also my student.  I hope to see you with blessing,

PS. Warm regard to Imi, I wish him to be strong

Raffael Liven


The meeting with Eyal Yanilov took place in the Ramada Hotel in Tel Aviv with Kancho Liven and John Johannsen, when Eyal asked Kancho Liven to cooperate with his organization.  Kancho Liven offered him to come to Denmark and be his guest for a week and then he could show Kancho Liven,(who didnít know anything about Eyal) could show Kancho Liven his skills and Kancho Liven could show him his skills in turn and find a means of communication.  Suddenly Eyal started finding excuses and mentioned to Kancho that he is not allowed to receive any (knocks)blows to head otherwise he would become blind.  Kancho Liven explained to him that nobody was going to beat him or give him knocks.  Kancho tried to calm his fear and told him to take it easy because Kancho would not hit him.  Kancho tried to make the atmosphere more friendly and Eyal promised to come back with an answer to Kancho Livenís suggestion later on. Eyal Yanilovís attitude was very weak, unlike that of a master of Krav Maga, which disappointed both Kancho Liven and John Johanssen, both agreed he behaved as a chicken.  Kancho reminded Eyal that he didnít ask to fight, only to show his skill.  I Kancho Liven never criticized anyone, I respect everyone and every skill can be shown in the ring or on the street. Surprisingly Kancho Liven received letters from Eyal critiscizing Kanchoís skills behind his back, as well as falsely signed letters from Imi

Lichtenfeld(Imi said that he never signed them) Master imi Lichtenfeld never criticized anyone and was tricked into signing documents that he couldnít see.  Eyal misused the Master and used his trust to trick him into signing documents to which he didnít know the context.  Regarding a letter of mine that is signed twice, It was because of Eyal Yanilovís accusations that Kancho Liven was not allowed to teach Krav Maga, So Imi signed a letter of approval for kancho liven in front of a witness.  That is the reason for the  two dates.   I didnít want to go so far as to criticize Eyal Yanilov.  As I said before every style and every person is a creation, and I always learn from everyone, even though I am a grandmaster, I still learn from small kids and old people.


Another episode occurred in 1997( a year before the master Imi Lichtenfeld died)  Kancho Liven was in a restaurant with Imi Lichtenfeld whom Imi often invited and paid for dinner for Kancho Liven where they discussed fighting techniques, the time when Imi loved and accepted the new developments that Kancho Liven made in Krav Maga.  Suddenly Eyal Yanilov showed up, when he was headed to the table, Imi said to Kancho Liven and Beate Pietch of Germany(whom was present during this episode) ďno no not him againĒ  Imi was unhappy at Eyalís presence.  Eyal took a seat uninvited and without permission and commenced to provocate Kancho Liven with political talk.  Kancho Liven was ready to hit Eyal and Imi grabbed Kancho Livenís arm and said to not waste his time, Eyal did not deserve Kancho Livenís anger, this proves that  Eyal never showed imi any letters, Imi signed it just to get Eyal away from him. This episode proves how cruelly this man misused an old man during his last days.  Here I repeat again, I donít know Eyal, he and anyone else in the world is welcome to my home(dojo) to learn and teach.  Im the only master in the world willing to accept any style and the only master in the world teaching the Krav Maga system out of street experience.  Im not ashamed to say im from the streets and I learned from the streets and reality.  My heart and my arms are always open to those who feel to come close, so far even to Eyal Yanilov, to see, to learn and also to teach.  Im ready to forget the bad things that have happened and be friends if possible. With great wishes to all who read this letter,


Kancho Raffi Liven 10. Dan

Simply put, all top masters in Israel know Eyal Yanilov only as a trouble maker, 90 percent of people dont know who is he, and the other 10 percent wish they didng know him!