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About Kancho Raffi Liven 10. Dan, Master and creator of Sho Shin Karate Do and Krav Maga Liven International


Kancho Liven was born in Tel Aviv on the 3rd of march, 1949 and has lived in Denmark since 1981.
Kancho Liven started training karate when he was 9 and got graduated with the first Dan
at the age of 15.
Since the
n, he has trained many different systems, including: karate, thai-boxing, kendo, judo, aikido, kobudo, kick-boxing and full-contact karate in which he also won 2 European championships.

In 1967 Kancho Liven fought the 6-days war and in 1973 in the Yom-Kippur-war and worked after as an instructor for the special forces in Israel.

After his time in the military he traveled a lot and went for a longer time to Japan to train under the masters of the originally Okinawa-te and to take part on many competitions. At all the places he came to he was invited to teach Karate and self defence.
During 1977-1978 he worked as a bodyguard for a president on the island of Martinique. Also in this years he became two times a european champion in Full-contact Karate.

In 1980 the doctors found a malignant tumor in Shihan Livens sinus. Allready short after the dangerous surgery and irradiation he started slowly training again, and as he explains it himself the physically and mentally power which he dad developed through the many years of intensive training helped him to defeat the cancer. In 1981 Shihan Liven was invited to Norway to prepare the norwegian nationalteam for the European Championchip and there he found out that the cool climate was good for his health. He decided to settle down in a country with a climate like in Norway. At the end of 1981 he moved to Denmark and started his first school for Karate there.

As a way of keeping his mind and body fit, Kancho Liven practices Tamashiwari - The art of breaking - A discipline in which he is truly a master as he holds several world records!!



The following was written about Kancho Raffi Liven by Carl Otto Knudsen, Editor in Chief of Fighter Magazine

What is Krav Maga Liven International?

Krav Maga Liven International is the evolution of the Krav Maga system through the skill and experience of Kancho Raffi Liven.  Kancho Liven's development of the system is one of the only developments accepted by the late Master Imi Lichtenfeld.  Kancho Liven has utilized his vast street knowledge and experience and created the most simple and effective form of self defense ever created!

Kancho Raffi Liven and Imi Lichtenfeld were very close, over the years they developed a father/son relationship due to Imi's love for Kancho Raffi Liven's ambition and will to be great.  Imi was always impressed with Kancho Liven's skill.  He was particularly impressed with Kancho Liven during a meeting in which Kancho Liven began to show Imi the latest developments that he had made to the Krav Maga System.  This really amazed Imi, for so long he wondered why none of his other students had taken the initiative to try to better the system that he had created. 

Kancho Raffi Liven gained this knowledge through his many experiences over the years.  He has served in the Israeli Army as a soldier and para-trooper, been the most well known bodyguard in Europe, served as a bodyguard for the President of the Carribean island of Martinique, as well instructing military units and special forces all over the world.  Kancho Raffi Liven has more than 1000 fights to his credit with criminals and other bad people.  Kancho Liven offers a way for the common man to prevail over their attacker and defend themselves in all situations.  Kancho Raffi Liven's Krav Maga is the only form of self defense created from real street experience and street situations.  Kancho Raffi Liven has taken the very best of various elements and combined them to form the perfect self defense system.


Kancho Raffi Liven met Imi Lichtenfeld

Kancho Liven met Imi Lichtenfeld the founder of Krav Maga first time in 1966 when he visited Imi Lichtenfelds dojo in Pinsker st, Tel Aviv.

In 1967 Kancho Liven joined the army where he developed and expanded his skills of selfdefence. A part of the army training was of course Krav Maga. After his time in the army Kancho Liven traveled a lot studying, teaching and competing in various martial arts. In all those years he was teaching selfdefence without ever using the name Krav Maga because Krav Maga was classified as a secret of the Israeli army. Already in 1970 he published his first book about self-defence in Israel.

Eight years ago Kancho Liven met Imi Lichtenfeld again and the connection between them became like father and son. Kancho Liven started to visit Imi Lichtenfeld regulary, everytime he came to Israel, so they got the time to discuss about Krav Maga and itís techniques and training.

In this period of time Kancho Liven had the chance to show his own improvements of some of the techniques and Imi was thrilled to see the small changes. These small changes were based on Kancho Livens own experinces in practical fighting in the war, in the ring and at the streets working as a bodyguard in different countries and more than 10 years as a doorman in several wild bars in Denmark.

Kancho Liven visited Imi in his own town and one time Imi told Kancho Liven how happy he was that he kept developing and creating new techniques in Krav Maga. Imi Lichtenfeld was all the time even in his great age keen on seeing the development of his Krav Maga and finding somebody who is able to continue after him not only by repeating what he taught in his active time but also to go the way further and to keep Krav Maga a modern and effective selfdefence system that is adjusted to the needs of the present time.

Raffi Liven and Imi Lichtenfeld in Israel
Raffi Liven and Imi Lichtenfeld in Israel


In 1994 Kancho Liven received his 8. dan in Krav Maga from Gadi Skornik (10. dan Israel). On the pictures you can see Gadi Skorniks Dojo in Israel. 


Kancho Liven was shocked the first time he found out that someone was teaching Krav Maga and using the name Krav Maga outside of Israel. First time in 1996 Kancho Liven received the permission confirmation from Imi Lichtenfeldconfirmation from Imi Lichtenfeld from Imi Lichtenfeld to teach Krav Maga outside of Israel.  Several people witnessed this. Imi Lichtenfeld also gave Kancho a letter confirming this. John Johanessen from Norway was together with Imi and Kancho at this moment.

from left: Raffi Liven, John Johannessen, Imi Lichtenfeld, Eli Aviksar


When Kancho Liven got the permission from Imi Lichtenfeld to teach Krav Maga outside from Israel he founded his organisation Krav Maga Liven International in order to announce Krav Maga to Europe. The aim of Krav Maga Liven International is to fulfil the wish of the founder of Krav Maga Imi Lichtenfeld - not just to stick to the old Krav Maga what he developed once but to continue the development in order to keep Krav Maga the unique way of self defence. The headquarter of Krav Maga Liven International is situated in Aarhus / Denmark. 

Krav Maga team / DenmarkNicolaj Waaben (1. dan) - Instructor Krav Maga (Denmark)




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